Legends Classic Downhill

MBUK Legends Downhill Classic Race.


Sunday the 17th of June 2018. Please note this will be incorporated into the downhill race, the legends will be the last riders down after the Elites for both runs.

09:00 to 11:00 Open Practice.

11:00 to 14:00 First Runs.

14:00 to 17:00 Second Runs

Fastest Run Time from either the first or second run counts.

The invites have gone out to those that paved the way for modern day mountain biking. These riders pushed the limits back in the day when cantilever brakes where the norm, suspension in some cases hadn’t even been invented let alone disk brakes. They showed us what could be achieved with narrow bars, long stems and 48t chain rings!

So it’s time to show your respect and come and cheer them on as some of them are now in their 50’s and will need help getting back up the hill.

The event will take place on Sunday the 17th of June 2018 with each rider competing in two race runs, with the fastest time counting for their overall position. Practice will start at 09:00 with the first race runs at 11:00. Last rider down should be around 16:00 with podiums straight afterwards.

The following have all confirmed their attendance, more are to be added!

Carl Alford

Nick Bayliss

Scott ‘Boom-Boom’ Beaumont

Jon-e Beckett

Lee Bertram

Aidan Bishop

Alan ‘Bloodspeed’ Blood

Jim Brown

Jim Buchanan

Billy Cheetham

Johnny Cheetham

James Coates

Ian Collins

Michael Cowan

Pete Crump

Jerry Dyer

Rich ‘Hippy’ Eustace

Steve ‘Snakebite’ Geal

Clive Gosling

Jay Hardy

Martin Hawyes

Dave Hemming

Chris Hodgkinson

Gareth Hopkins

Chris Horsfield

Darren ‘Bobby Dazzler’ Howarth

Paul Hudson

Stu Hughes

James Hughes

Jason Jessop

Sion Jones

Robin Kitchin

Peter ‘Cheesie’ Lawrie

Kris Lee

Will Longden

Nick Mock

Ed ‘The Shred’ Moseley

Anthony Oates

Martin Ogden

Nigel Page

Sandy Plenty

Paul Smith

Rowan Sorrell

Andrew Titley

Dave ‘Bullhead’ Wardell

Colin Williams

Keith Wilson


Kerry Bason

Helen Mortimer

Tracy Moseley

Anja Rees-Jones

Kelli Salone

Karen van Meerbeck

Petra Wiltshire

MBUK Legends Downhill Race